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Community Trekker


Jan 20, 2015

Bar chart from non-normalised data table

Hi all,

I'm new to JMP and are trying to understand the basics of JMP.

When trying to create a bar chart, I understand that the underlying data should be normalised in nature (with normalise I mean not summarised/cross tabled).


1) Assume the following data table, representing the time/period of employees active in a company with a given education ;

<1 Year103502012
1-5 Years4291122715
>5 Years112306352

2) My goal is to create the following stacked bar chart (see attached file).

In order to create the bar chart, I had to normalise the data from the table as follows;

<1 YearNone10
1-5 YearsNone42
>5 YearsNone112
<1 YearAA3
1-5 YearsAA9
>5 YearsAA30
<1 YearBA50
1-5 YearsBA112
>5 YearsBA63
<1 YearMA20
1-5 YearsMA27
>5 YearsMA5
<1 YearPhD12
1-5 YearsPhD15
>5 YearsPhD2

==> Question;

Is there a way to normalise the data in JMP? If so, could anyone point me in the right question? If not, can the stack bar chart be created with the original table (non-normalised one)?

Thanks for the help!


Community Trekker


Jan 20, 2015

Re: Bar chart from non-normalised data table

Hi All,

I think I just figured it out...

For the members trying to do the same thing;

1) Open the data table in JMP (I used V11)

2) On the Top-Left, press on the red triangle left to the data set name

3) Tables --> Stack

4) Select all the columns containing the frequency ( in my case [None, AA, BA, MA, PhD])

5) Press OK

The script for it is;

Data Table( "YourNewTableName" ) << Stack(

  columns( :None, :AA, :BA, :MA, :PhD ),

  Source Label Column( "Education" ),

  Stacked Data Column( "Frequency" )