Automation - Control limits on IR Chart

Hi All,

Been battling to use VBA to automate the production of several charts daily which will soon be ramped up to 00's of charts per day, copy & paste no longer an option!

Successfully coded what I need to open data table from external source, produce chart, set chart options, and export image.

What I cant fathom though is how on earth do I set the control limits for an IR chart via automation? We are using fixed limits on a rolling 35 days worth of data, so dont want the limits being recalculated each day.

Ideally need to do this in VBA, however also been attempting this in JSL, but cant figure out how to select that I'm setting limits for an IR control chart?!

e.g. set property( "Control Limits", {LCL( 1 )} ) );
----How do I specify this is for an IR chart?

Cant take much more of this banging head on desk so any assistance greatly appreciated!
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Re: Automation - Control limits on IR Chart

Is this example what you're after?

Alternatively you could use Set Property to assign the control limit values to the column itself.
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Re: Automation - Control limits on IR Chart

I have the same problem I need to create a control chart which needs to be linked to a database in excel dynamically, And whenever the column in the sheet changes then the control chart changes to.
I tried to build a macro in VBA and linked it to jmp data table unsuccessfully,
There is an example in the scripting guide which doesn’t work.
Can you help?

Look at this code it is a simulation of control charts of the measurements that I need
But instead of the simulation I need to get the data from an excel sheet whenever the columns changes.

Tanks a lot pniel

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