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help for brand new user - Adobe Professional 8.0?


I just purchased JMP today for a graduate course. I'm trying to access the information in the Help section, and it states that I need to have Adobe Professional 8.0 in order to access? Is this true or is there a way around this? I have the standard Adobe Reader and am just trying to read the information, not manipulate it any way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Vista if that makes any difference.
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Re: help for brand new user - Adobe Professional 8.0?

And as a follow up question, is there anywhere one could find the JMP "books" under the help section in Word or Adobe Reader accessible format assuming that Acrobat Professional 8.0 is the default viewer? Thanks.
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Re: help for brand new user - Adobe Professional 8.0?

The books are plain PDF-files and should be readable by any PDF-reader. I use Preview (Mac OS X) without any problems.

Have you had Acrobat Professional installed on your machine before? I have experienced that Windows (XP) have troubles to tell the differences between the reader and professional if both are installed on the same machine. Sometimes reader is opened when I click on professional, and the only way to open professional is to restart the computer. What I am saying, there may not be a problem with JMP's help files, but with Vista.
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