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Variability Chart Add Ref Line

I have the following variability chart. The Column "Device" has many type of variable string values and I want it to plot all of them.I know i can create individually but too many of them. Also the Add Ref Line which is my limit was also a variable called "MAX_LIMIT" each Device has its own limit. How will I write script to plot all of them?

Variability Chart(


X( :Lot issued ),

Std Dev Chart( 0 ),

Where( :DEVICE == "ABC" ),



   {"Variability Chart for CUST_LOT_YIELD"},



   {Scale( Linear ), Format( "Fixed Dec", 0 ), Min( 82.5 ),

   Max( 105 ), Inc( 5 ),

   Add Ref Line(95, Solid, "Red")}




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Community Trekker

Re: Variability Chart Add Ref Line

I also have some problems when adding spec limits for many many parameters (few hundred to few thousand).

two ways I use for only few parameters

1:  use script to add for some parameters that I oftenly used

2: manual add spec limit

any expert can help for many parameters and parameters are different each time, how to add spec limit one by one ?

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