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Unable to install JMP 17

Hi everyone, 


I am having some trouble installing JMP on my Mac. My Mac is a Macbook Pro 2018 running Ventura 13.4. Every time I try to install JMP it throws an error: "This license is incompatible with your computer configuration." I have made sure that I am using the correct license and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? 


Thanks in advance! 

Super User

Re: Unable to install JMP 17

You might get an answer here (and we'd love to hear the resolution,) but you should go ahead and open an issue with the tech support team. Link at bottom of page.

Super User

Re: Unable to install JMP 17

Hmmm that link is not on all pages...


(Never mind...It is hiding at the top of the page, in plain sight...)

Community Manager Community Manager

Re: Unable to install JMP 17

Just for reference, we are transitioning Support resources from to the JMP User Community. All information/links found on the support page on should also now be found in the Support area of the Community.

Re: Unable to install JMP 17



Please open a JMP Technical Support case.  I support the Mac OS system issues.  I can show you how to fix this issue, but I would like to keep it in a case for future reference and issue tracking.  You just need to send an email to  Reference this Community discussion in the email.  


Dave Matthews

JMP Technical Support