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Text in exported PDF file is not searchable

I like to run my JMP output — (graphs, distributions, outlier tables, etc.) — into a journal and then export the journal as a PDF for distribution to my team.  However, I notice that none of the text in the PDF is searchable even though most all of it is selectable;  and even individual characters can be highlighted.  This is true for header text, graph title and axes text, outlier table text, and just about every text in the file (except for distribution analysis plots, which appear to be purely graphical).


I'm using JMP 14 & 15 on a Mac and JMP 14 on Windows, and I'm using the standard method to generate the PDF:

jrn << Save PDF( "report.pdf" );

Is there something I can do to generate my PDFs so that the text is (command-f / Ctrl-f) searchable?

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