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Setting a default format for new columns?

When I'm working in JMP, I spend a non-negligible fraction of my time changing the column formats to keep my data legible. I am aware of the Standardize Attributes function, but even that is tedious for the number of times I find myself doing it.


Is there a way to change the defaults so that all new columns default to, for example "Fixed Dec" with 2 decimal points, instead of "Best" ?



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Re: Setting a default format for new columns?

I searched, but did not find a preference for the setting of a default format in a JMP data table.  I think you should add it to the JMP Wish List.

Below is a simple script that will set all continuous columns to a given format.  You could either run this as a separate formula, or add it as a new option on the pull down menus or as an addin.  You could then run it on any new data table you desire.

Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Current Data Table();

colList = dt << get column names( string, continuous );

For( i = 1, i <= N Items( colList ), i++,
	Column( dt, colList[i] ) << format( "Fixed Dec", 7, 2 )
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