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Merging two columns

i am trying to join two data frames but cannot get my head around the possibilities Python has to offer.

First JMP data file:

ID MODEL   REQUESTS ORDERS1  Golf    123      4
2  Passat  34       5
3  Model 3 500      8
4  M3      5        0

Second JMP data file:

MODEL   TYPE  MAKEGolf    Sedan VolkswagenM3      Coupe BMWModel 3 Sedan Tesla

What I want is to add another column in the first dataframe called "make" so that it looks like this:

ID MODEL   MAKE       REQUESTS ORDERS1  Golf    Volkswagen 123      4
2  Passat  Volkswagen 34       5
3  Model 3 Tesla      500      8
4  M3      BMW        5        0

 Any suggestions how can I start?


Re: Merging two columns

Looks like you need the menu option 'Tables > Join'. Your post got a little scrambled, but using the tables attached and setting up the dialog like this:


Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 16.53.15.png


you should get close. You could also look at virtual joins.

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