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JSL split function keep column name in header when splitting a single column

Hi all,

I have a section of jsl code which takes my data table and splits a variable amount of columns (code attached below).



//Variable Table splitting operation
dt_split = new << Split(
Split By( :SamplePos, :File ID ),
Split( Eval List( EmitCols ) ), //Here is the line where I choose a variable amount of columns within the data table to split
Output Table( "Split_Table" ),
Remaining Columns( keep all ),
Sort by Column Property



When the columns specified within EmitCols are greater than 1 it returns a data table where the new columns are annotated with the name of each column specified within EmitCols, however when there is only 1 column within EmitCols it omits annotating the new columns with the name. Is there an attribute within the split() function where I can keep the annotations when only splitting out by 1 column? If not, is there a way to over ride this behavior?   


Edit: I have tried searching the scripting index and so far I could not find any attribute of split which allows me to do that. 

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