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JSL questions

Is there a function in JSL similar to the compress function in SAS?

Is there a way for me to set a directory and path at the beginning of the program (or prompt from the user) that I can then use throughout the program for finding files and saving files?

Re: JSL questions

Not familiar w/ SAS, but to your 2nd question, you can use "pick directory."

What I've done before is to create a variable that can be referred to later when prompting a user to pick the file with a "pick file" command. For example:

import_directory=pick directory("Choose base directory for this analysis");

pick file("Select data file",import_directory);

Hopefully that helps.

Re: JSL questions

Thanks - it's a start.

I don't understand how to use that information in the rest of my script.

After the user provides a directory, how do I use that in a subsequent open or save statement.