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JMP13 - Bug & Patch - Teaching scripts - Distribution Calculator


Many of the Teaching scripts no longer work correctly in JMP 13.

Fix:  (may require admin access for a permanent fix, Based on JMP Pro 13 for Windows, )

Edit the underlying *.JSL script   (on Windows, \Program Files\SAS\JMPPRO\13\Samples\Scripts\...

Look for  "<<Script( "    (spaces and capitalization may change from jsl to jsl

If the "<<Script(" code is within a RadioBox() or a ComboBox()

    comment out (or delete) the "<<Script(" and the corresponding ")"

Not all of the "<<Script( ... )"  are incorrect.

Be sure to test the JSL before and after the chage

Reason ?:

It appears that JMP made a change in JSL syntax some version ago

    from: RadioBox( contents, <<Script( jslcode) )

    to:     RadioBox( contents, jslcode )

Version 12 documents the new syntax but retained the ability of running the old

Version 13 no longer allows the old syntax

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