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JMP 9.0: unable to annotate graphs using toolbar

This is very annoying.
I am having problem using toolbar to edit graphs in JMP. This was never a problem in the past.
In new JMP 9.0 (Win): when the journal or result screen comes up after an analysis, it is opened as a new window. However, I cannot get the toolbar to be activated. And I am unable to annotate or add arrows to the graphs.
This was never a problem in JMP 8.0. And it is very annoying because this means I have to edit the graphs using 8.0.
Is there a way to do this without going back to 8.0?

Paul Lee

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

From the V9 docs:

Within report windows and small windows, JMP hides the menu bar.

To reveal the menu bar, perform one of the following actions:
• Press Alt.
• Hover the mouse over the menu strip below the window title bar.

Note: You can change this behavior and show the menu bar. Go to File > Preferences > Windows Specific and choose the option from the Auto-hide menu and toolbars list. [I.e. change from "Based on window size" to "Never".]
Thanks. That solved the problem.