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Interactive HTML issue with JMP 13 ?


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Sep 27, 2013




I was impatient to test the new HTML interactive features from JMP 13


Attached is a typical table example that I am using on daily basis.


Please, open the table with JMP 13  and run the script “TEST HTML”, it will save the example report as interactive html (In the same folder as the table).


The jmp table is only 1.2MB ( 0.4MB with "Compress file when saved") , and the html file is 7.6MB !! When I open it the interactive features are very slow and not convenient at all.


I do not understand why the HTML files is so big !


Here all the Graph are Interactive.


Is there any way by example to have ONLY the “Distribution” interactive ? And all Graphs as pictures (like it was with JMP 12) ?

In the Graph Builder settings, could we said like Interactive YES/NO ?








May 30, 2014

Hi Geof,


The HTML file is large because the data is written in a text format rather than the binary format used in JMP files. The text format makes the data "readable" inside a web browser.


The performance issues are due to the web browser's relatively low performance compared to desktop applications like JMP. The performance will vary greatly among devices. This is especially true for reports with several interacting graphs for large data sets. 


It would help if the interactivity for some of the graphs could be disabled for complicated reports as you suggest, but there are no settings to enable or disable interactivity for individual parts of the report.  


If you can split the report into parts that require interactivity and those that don't, you could save the interactive parts with Save As Interactive HTML and the other parts with Save As HTML. The two resulting pages can be opened in two browser windows on a large screen or one at a time on smaller screens. 


These are probably not the answers you wanted, but I hope you found them somewhat useful.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about Interactive HTML or anything else in JMP.









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May 29, 2013

Thanks John

It makes sense about the file size....


Do you know if the "Local Data Filter" will be interactive in a near futur ?







May 30, 2014

We are looking in to it for JMP 14, but because of the many challenges it presents, it's still too early to make any promisses.


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Nov 5, 2014

Having the data filters is really essential to making the interactive html feature useful. Without it, I see no reason to generate a web report, since there's close to nothing for the user to really interact with. I may as well just make a PPT slide with the graph I want to share.