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How to export values behind the P(warning) charts in Shift Detection Profiler


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May 18, 2017

In attached jmp file I have set up with some dummy data the shift detection profiler to have essentially zero measurement error and have a mean part shift of '3' equivalent to a 3-standard deviation process shift under the general assumption of normality with a mean of zero and an SD of 1.
When the jmp file is opened it simulates the situation for individual values where we want to detect a mean shift of 3 wtih the number of subgroups k equal to 10 (n=1).
I have attached two picture files to give an idea of what I want to do. First is with detection rule one only. Second is with detection rules 1 and 2 in the list (Wheeler Rule '4' choice of 8 points either side of the central line).
Is it possible to export the x-axis and y-axis values that are behind these great charts for the "Mean Shift" graph. Obviously, they are in the background so how to access/read them?
By exporting values for different scenarios I coud graphically compare the power functions and false alarm risks given the different choice of detection rules. (Here the emphasis is having these different scenarios on the same graph.)
Can anybody help? How to export and access the computed values for the x-axis and y-axis behind the graphs? (Main request is for the "mean shift" chart.)
Thanks as always for any assistance! Hope my points are clear.