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Community Trekker


Jun 17, 2014

How to add an icon in the add-in toolbar?


When I create an add-in I can choose a picture for it, so that it appears in the tool bar.

I'd like to use some nice JMP icons. Do you know the path I should use to get them?





Aug 27, 2015

Re: How to add an icon in the add-in toolbar?

If you are just using the add-in for yourself, you can simply go to View > Customize > Menus and Toolbars. Expand Add-Ins and select your add-in. In the icon section, click the "built in icon" radio button. Then you can select a JMP icon to appear in the menu item for your add-in.

If you are distributing this add-in for others to use, it is a lot more complicated because these settings need to be reflected in the .jmpaddin archive file.

1) Go to View > Add-Ins... Click on your add-in and click on the home folder link to open Windows Explorer (if

   using Windows).

2) Open the addin.jmpcust file in a text editor such as Notepad.

3) Change the line that begins with "<jm:icon" to look like the following (replace "JMP" with the name of your


<jm:icon type="builtin">JMP</jm:icon>

4) Save the addin.jmpcust file.

5) Open your add-in using Add-In Builder.

6) Under the Additional Files tab, add the addin.jmpcust file that you saved previously. This will overwrite the

   addin.jmpcust file that is automatically created by the Add-In Builder.

7) Save your Add-In.

Please note that if you make any further changes to your add-in (in Add-in Builder), you will need to remove this file from additional files, save the add-in, and repeat the process above.

Check out this add-in for a list of icon references/names.


Community Trekker


Jun 17, 2014

Re: How to add an icon in the add-in toolbar?


It was indeed to distribute the add-in. It works perfectly.

It would be nice for next JMP release to make it possible directly when add-in is registered…