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Co-Kriging with JMP and Matlab


I was wondering if anyone already tried to work with Co-Kriging, using JMP together with Matlab. As JMP only fits Ordinary Kriging Models (Gaussian Process with Gaussian Correlation Function), I would like to send data (generated with Space Filling JMP Platform) from JMP to Matlab, fit the models there (Matlab), and bring the MODELS back to JMP, to use inside Profile Platform.

Do you have any example of it? I know it can solved by a Script linking JMP and Matlab, but all examples explains how to send "data" in form of matrices from JMP to Matlab, run calculations there (Matlab), get the results back to JMP, and fit models inside JMP. Thy do not show how to bring back a complete model.

For reference, I am considering Co-Kriging approach described at Forrester, Sobester and Keanem´s "Engineering Design via Surrogate Modelling: A Practical Guide".

Tks a lot!

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