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Hovering mouse over a graph box

If I hover my mouse over a data point in a control chart window I'm shown the value of that data point - so it occurs to me that I should be able to build the same sort of functionality into any graph box that I write myself in JSL.

Specifically what I'm thinking is that if I were to create a graph box in which I draw some polygons, each of which corresponds to a name in a list, I'd like to be able to hover over any one of them and see a tip telling me the corresponding name. Am I right? And if so, how can I script it?

If it's not possible, I'll settle for being able to click inside a polygon and getting the name of returned to me that way using the "In Polygon" command - but hovering would be a lot neater if it can be done.

Many thanks for any advice
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Re: Hovering mouse over a graph box


Perhaps this recent thread will be helpfull.稻

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