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Error bars using Graph Builder

I didn't get anything searching the forums or Bing so my apologies if this is a dumb question (I'm a JMP newbie):

How do you add error bars to a bar chart made in Graph Builder? It's simple using Chart but I don't see anything for Graph Builder. I'm using Graph Builder over Chart because of a bug in changing the legend entries using Chart.
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Re: Error bars using Graph Builder

This is only two years late (to the day!), but I needed to do this too, so I dug around until I found the right manual.  The complete description for how to add error bars using Graph Builder (JMP 9) is in the Basic Analysis and Graphing book.  See pages 304-309.

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Re: Error bars using Graph Builder

The book that PMroz described can be found here:

however, this seems to only work for line charts, but I need to define custom error bars for a bar chart.  So I already have means, and I need to tell JMP where the error bar data is located.  Excel can do this pretty easily.  Does anyone know how to do this in JMP?    

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