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Contour plot - Unable to make graph from this data

I have been making contour plots from the same type of data and by the same way for more than 50 times. However, I got this alert "Unable to make graph from this data" when plotting 2 of the data tables. First, so far I can't tell what's different in that two data table. Second, if I switch the order of the two columns in the X, it works.

Does anyone know what possibly could be wrong? Or provide a reference about the restriction of contour plot function.

Thank you.

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Re: Contour plot - Unable to make graph from this data

We have seen this in one other case, and it appears to be a numerical issue with collinear points in the X1-X2 space.  Reversing the order changes the numerics of the algorithm used to compute the triangulation.  We have this as a open issue and will look at improving the robustness of the algorithm.