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Aspect Ratio slider in graph builder (JMP12) makes x-axis scaling/shifting buggy - known issue?


Community Member


Jul 16, 2015

I just started using JMP 12 and I think there's a bug when using the new "Aspect Ratio" slider in graph builder.

I've defined custom map shapes, and when I adjust the aspect ratio and then try to click-drag on the x-axis to either shift or scale, it doesn't work correctly. Scaling up (dragging from end of x-axis outward) causes the graph to zoom out when first starting to drag, leaving the graph uncentered and smaller than when I originally started. Shifting (dragging from center of x-axis) rapidly zooms out both axes.

Dragging on the y-axis works normally regardless, and the x-axis works as expected if I don't touch the "Aspect Ratio" slider beforehand. Is this a known issue?




Jun 23, 2011

It's a new issue -- now recorded. Thanks for the report.