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Aligning Charts in a Report

Hello all,

I need to create an RTF report from JMP containing several grids of charts (actually 7 rows of 5 charts per row on each page), separated by page breaks. I've worked out how to create the page breaks, but I cannot align the charts: although they appear correctly within a JMP window, when I export the resulting window into an RTF file they simply appear as one long column. The following JSL script should illustrate the problem:

g1 = Graph Box(FrameSize(190, 178), XScale(0, 100), YScale(0, 100));
g2 = Graph Box(FrameSize(190, 178), XScale(0, 100), YScale(0, 100));

NW = New Window("Two pages with Page Break Box",
VList Box(
HList Box(g1, g2),
Page Break Box(),
HList Box(g1, g2)

NW << SaveRTF("C:\MyReport.RTF");

I've tried every combination of LineUpBox, OutlineBox etc that I can think of, but nothing seems to produce the required effect. Can anybody help please?

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(In case it's relevant, my only inkling of a solution is to note that a scatterplot matrix of charts does appear correctly within an RTF report - so if I could turn my grid of charts into a display in that format I would solve my problem. The axes of the charts are actually all identical, so I could dispense with them if necessary. I'm guessing that doing that would involve creating several Frame Box objects within the same Graph Box - but I don't know how to do that.)

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One method of creating a grid that you may wish to try is to use the Sheet Box object (I think it's new to v8). There is an example of using sheets in the Scripting Guide under "Construction of Display Trees".