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After Maximizing Desirability, why the value is zero?

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I have 3 factors and 15 responses.

I was using the Profiler feature, set Maximize Desirability. However the Desirability value was Zero.


Did some troubleshooting and I found out if I opt out Response#12, then Desirability is not showing Zero anymore.

Any idea what is happening here?


Below shows when Profiler include Response#12, the Maximize Desirability was at Zero.With Response 12.png


When Response#12 was removed, the Maximize Desirability was back to non-zero value.

Without Response 12.png


Thanks for advise.




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Re: After Maximizing Desirability, why the value is zero?

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Re: After Maximizing Desirability, why the value is zero?

The settings for the first profiler show that the desirability of responses 2, 3, and 12 are 0, so the joint desirability must be 0. Response 12 in particular appears to be far from any setting that might produce non-zero desirability. Responses 1, 10, and 13 do not seem to have any relationship to the factors here, so they should be eliminated from the profiler. They can interfere with optimizing the settings.


Please see this Help for more information.

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