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ANOVA of multiple treatments

I am overwhelmed by the task of analyzing my data.

I am analyzing results from some rheological tests on my samples (cheese). For each treatment (21 treatments) I have 6 replicates of 80 data points. My data is currently organized as shown: (I am manipulating it in Excel).

I would like analyze the averaged values between the 21 treatments at the 80 different temperatures using ANOVA(?) and Tukey's HSD. But I am not sure how to set up my method in JMP to do so. Any pointers would be helpful.


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Re: ANOVA of multiple treatments

Let me start by asking for more information.

Are the different columns your treatments?

Are the different rows your 80 data points; or are the rows 6 replicates of 80 data points?

In one sentence, you claim you have 80 data points, while in another sentence you claim to have 80 different temperatures. Which is it?

Are there unique identifiers of the 80 "somethings" in some column of your spreadsheet? If so, please indicate what the identifiers are called, or which column they are in.

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