Box plot and corresponding points should optionally line up

Currently in Graph Builder, when using box plot and points graphs combined in the same graph, the box plots properly segregate into "series" when a category is added to 'overlay' but the points do not overlap their coresponding box plot and are instead jumbled. It is as if the box plots have an hidden overlap variable set to 0% (terminology from excel bar graphs) but the points have a hidden overlap variable set to 100%.  There are a few ways to fix it, but are either not exact, or take a lot of work to properly format the image, changing box plot colors for proper grouping, and requiring an extra legend to be added.  Here is a post with pics refrencing the effects.

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Forgot to mention, this is JMP 13.0.0

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I just looked at the mentioned post and tried this in JMP 14.0 with different data. The behavior is the same. To get the boxes colored one must use Overlay (accepting the non-alignment) or, for alignment nest the Xs and go into Customize and color each box separately.

I first thought this issue could be dealt with by using the Color tick in the Boxplot Element control panel on the left in Graph Builder. For the Points Element colors are switched on or off with that tick mark, but in the Boxplot control panel it seems to not do anything. Could this be used for that purpose in a future JMP version? It would be handy also for Box Style Solid.


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My wish would be an option that would allow points  to be offset, like the boxplots, when Overlay is used. In my opionion, it should be the default and then allow the user to set the offset width to zero (no offset) 


Jitter is used to improve visibility of points, so an offset of points, would allow visibility of the overlay groups.

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Also, when playing more with the graphing on this same data set and resulting behavior, the box plots themselves shrink, and there is no equivalent to excel's ability to modify the "series overlap" = space between the for the box plots themselves, and designated by the "type" column used for the overlay and also nested into the x axis, nor a "gap width" setting that would handle the spacing between the X axis "tick marks" designated by the "percent type" column, from the refrenced examples in my original post.  The only thing that can be modified is the line width of the box plots.


Color now applies to box plots, too, so @gerd's solution sounds like what is wanted.