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Color Nesting in Graph Builder

It would be great to have the option to nest colors in Graph Builder. The first graph below is an attempt to show the general idea by using Color and Overlay on the Iris Sample Data (with Length and Width stacked). Here, colors are used to distinguish between species, and then markers (which I don't like to work with as much) are used to distinguish between leaf type.


Color Nesting is supposed to mean that I can first drag Species to the Color field to set main colors and then drag Type to the top middle section of the Color field to let JMP choose shades of the main colors for the levels of the nested color variable. The second graph below shows the result doing this manually (combining Species and Type to use as a color variable and then picking colors).

Letting JMP choose shades of the main colors (e.g. from the sequential color themes) would be much faster, especially when there are more levels involved than in my example below.


If I wanted to show sales, for instance, from three different sites that each sell a variety of products, it would be nice if I could use Site as main color variable and then use Product to have JMP select shades of those colors for different products within Site.



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