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Process Timing Chart Creator
Level III

A timing chart is something process and system engineers use to visually see how the various components (actuators, solenoids, power relays, etc.) of a process are sequenced for a process cycle. In the past, I've always seen these done manually (there is a Youtube video of one being made in Excel by sizing cells and creating borders). I recently looked for an Excel template that would make a living timing diagram that would update if you changed the timing values. I couldn't find one, so I made one with JSL.


I'm sure it can be streamlined, but it works. It assumes the process is measured in seconds and breaks it into 10 ms intervals.


12996_Timing Diagram.jpg


The data table is simply a list of the controlled components and the times that they are ON. The same component can be listed multiple times if it makes multiple appearances during the cycle. The script builds chartable data and Graph Builder does the rest.