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JMP Trial FAQs

What the system requirements for downloading a free trial?

Whether you are a Mac or Windows User, system requirements are located here in our support pages.


After I complete the registration form, how will I get access to the trial?

An email will be sent to the address you provided on the registration form. It contains instructions and a serial number that has been generated specifically for you to unlock the trial.


When I click on the download link in the email, why am I taken to a SAS page?

Don’t worry! JMP is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS. The system which generates the serial number and homes the correct install drivers is located on the @sas domain.


To sign into SAS profile, what credentials do I use?

Your user ID is the email address you used to register for the trial. The password is the same password you created for your SAS profile.


Why is it taking so long for my trial to download?

Downloading the trial may take a few minutes based on internet speed.


How do I locate the installation file after it has completed downloading?

Depending on whether you are a MAC or Windows user, it will appear on your hard drive, in your recent folder or in your “downloads” folder. Once you locate and click on the file, an install wizard will appear to guide you through the rest of the process. Have your serial number handy from your original email, as it will ask for it during this step.


We also recommend creating a desktop shortcut to JMP or adding to your toolbar, so you don’t have to search for it each time you want to use it.


Can I use the serial number to put the trial on both my work and personal laptop?

No, the serial number is specific for each trial so it cannot be used twice.


How many days will I access to the trial?

You will have access 30 days from when the trial is activated (not 30 days from when you completed the registration form).


Can I extend my trial past 30 days?

We are sorry, but the trial cannot be extended beyond 30 days.


Is the trial a fully functioning trial or an abbreviated version to show what JMP can do?

The trial has the same functionality as a purchased license. For more advanced modeling techniques, we also offer evaluations of JMP® Pro.


Is there a listing somewhere of keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, Windows and macOS shortcuts are located on our support site.


What if I am still having issues?

You can contact us several ways.

Phone: 1-800-450-0135



After I download the trial, what’s the best way to get started?

View the recording of Getting Started with JMP. If you have a question you’d like to ask our experts, you can also join a live Getting Started with JMP session that’s held each week.


Are there sample data sets that I can use in addition to my own data?

Yes, there is a substantial library of data sets available for public consumption on JMP Community.


How much is a JMP license for one year?

A single license of JMP is $1200. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple subscriptions. Contact us for more information.


Can I download JMP on a tablet or mobile device?

No, you can only download on your MAC or PC.


I love JMP! How do I buy a subscription?

Go here to purchase a personal or corporate subscription.


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