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Choice Design Export/Import to

This Add-In provides an easy import and export to the choice survey platform This makes it easy to field JMP choice designs and import the results for analysing in JMP's Choice platform. It adds two extra menus commands: Export, which exports a Choice Profiles table to's software, and Import, which imports results from imports and exports *.csv files. It's relatively straightforward to import and export the files on your own. The process is as follows:

workflow for export.png

This Add-In does some extra checks for the appropriate column names on export. When a results file is imported using the Add-In, JMP checks the columns names of the resulting file and automatically launches the Choice platform.



For more information about choice modeling in JMP, refer to the JMP documentation for Discreet Choice Designs and to the JMP documentation for the Choice platform. For more about uploading DIY experiments to, visit the documentation on the site

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