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Capability Explorer



The Capability Explorer add-in provides an interactive, six-graph summary for evaluating process capability. The report provides a process capability analysis and allows users to explore the results and quickly track down outliers or further investigate their data.


The add-in also provides several quick-launch buttons that bring their data into different analysis platforms or export the results to presentation files or interactive HTML.




User Guide


Launch the add-in

After launching the add-in, specify the column containing the process variable of interest (currently the Capability Explorer handles a single continuous process variable). Select an optional subgroup column or subgroup size and click OK. If a subgroup size is specified, a new subgroup column will be created.


The add-in creates a grid of six interactive graphs that are commonly used to determine process capability.

  • Control charts (I/MR or XBar/R) provide information on the process stability
  • Recent Observations or Recent Subgroups show the most recent data
  • The Histogram, Probability plot, and Goodness-of-fit outputs provide indications on whether the data is normally distributed
  • Capability Indices and Box Plots provide capability indices, defect rates, and standardized box plots


Selecting data points in the control charts, histogram, probability plot, or box plots will highlight the same data points in each of the other graphs and the data table. This interactivity makes it easy to identify possible outliers and other data points of interest.


To the left of the report are three groups of interactive toggles and buttons:


Modify Graphs

These check-boxes toggle different features in the graphs to help the user update the look of the graphs. Some options are not available when a subgroup is specified.


Additional Analysis

These quick-launch buttons provide a way to further explore the data in different JMP platforms. When launched, each platform generates a new tab in the report window.

  • Capability launches the Process Capability platform and provides additional statistical information.
  • Control Chart launches a stream-lined Control Chart Builder platform to further analyze the process data.
  • Fit Distribution launches the Distribution: Compare Distributions platform to help identify an alternative distribution when the goodness-of-fit tests indicate that a normal distribution is not appropriate.
  • Other Platforms provides quick access to the full analysis platforms with descriptions taken from the JMP documentation.



  • Copy to Clipboard copies the current tab to the clipboard to paste it into other files (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Interactive HTML button generates an interactive HTML file that can be shared with non-JMP users to explore and interact with the data. The Interactive HTML file will contain all the tabs in the Report, but many of the graphical toggles are disabled.

Please let me know if you find any problems/bugs and I will do my best to address them. If you have any feedback for future versions, please let me know!



The add-in has been tested on Windows and Mac, JMP v17

Big thanks to @nick_shelton@MikeD_Anderson  @MarilynWheatley for helpful discussions.



Sept 8, 2023 - A minor update to enable the Capability Explorer work in all languages.


This looks great and seems very smooth! I do have 2 suggestions:

  1. Options to use S rather than R charts.
  2. Ability to use 3-way charts (some call them between-within charts). A snippet of Minitab's similar view can be found here - Example of Between/Within Capability Sixpack - Minitab.

@jszarka - Thanks for the comment and suggestions. I am considering an update for the add-in and will keep these in mind.


In the meantime, you can toggle the S and R charts by right clicking in the R chart. These charts were built in Control Chart Builder and so you can still access the right click menu. If you change the points to standard deviation for the S chart, remember to also change the Limits.


As for three-way charts, you can create these in the Control Chart menu.



I will certainly keep these suggestions in mind for an updated version. Thanks again for the comments!