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summarize (by..) does not result in value order of column

When using the summarize function to generate a table of statistics, the resulting table does not result in the value order property. Is there a way to force the order of a summarize table by the value order property of the column?

In the example below, ls_factor column has a manually set value order.

dt0 = Current Data Table();

ls_collist = dt0 << get column names( string );

//find first parameter column

i_colstart = Contains( ls_collist, "CP_STARTTIME" ) + 1;

r_ColDlg = Column Dialog( col_id = Col List( "X , Factor(s)" ) );

ls_factor = r_ColDlg["col_id"];

For( i = i_colstart, i <= N Items( ls_collist ), i++,

  ycol = Column( dt0, i );


  s = by( Eval( ls_factor ) ),

  d_mean = Mean( ycol ),

  d_median = Quantile( ycol, 0.5 ),

  d_stdev = Std Dev( ycol ),

  d_min = Min( ycol ),

  d_max = Max( ycol )



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