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grouping process data by dates


I'm trying to use JMP to plot out the following data in this format :

For example :

I have a ten year trend of a process unit which I'm analyzing. The unit is brought down once in a while for maintenance, and I would to monitor its performance across the cycles. Sometimes the cycles are fixed by timelength, or by dates (e.g. could be 6 months or 2 years). What would be the best way to process all this data? I used to do this in excel and manually categorise each cycle, and plot the process data vs cycle weeks (e.g. dates are changed to week 1, 2, 3 ,4 etc instead of actual dates). Is there an easier way to do this in JMP?


Thanks in advance.


Re: grouping process data by dates

JMP has a lot of tools for processing data. If you elaborate your manual steps in Excel and some characteristics of your datetime values, we may point out how to do those in JMP.

For grouping dates, two of the tricks off the top of my head are rounding dates to a specific resolution, and using JSL functions such as Lag to identify transitions.

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