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accessing to table box values

hi, i am tring to change the scale of the columns of this data table to 2 digits
only for example if i have a nummber in one of the NumberColBox it need to be changed from 12.2343245 -> to 12.23 any suggestions on how to achieve this goal ???

thanks in advance. pniel

Dsr_box = TableBox(
StringColBox("Parameters", Parameters_list),
StringColBox("Normal Dist",NormalDist_list),
NumberColBox("% Beyond Limits", Limits_list),
NumberColBox("Mean", P_Mean_list),
NumberColBox("Std", Std_list),
NumberColBox("Cp", Cp_list),
NumberColBox("Cpk", Cpk_list),
NumberColBox("Sigma Quality", Sigma_list),
NumberColBox("Lower TI", LOWERTI_list),
NumberColBox("Upper TI", UPPERTI_list),

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011


Look for the "set format()" call

Try this:
NumberColBox("% Beyond Limits", Limits_list, set format(10,2)),
it works... tanks a lot you are the man, but i have another Q if you dont mind?
i need to save the data of this table into word but whenever i do another calculation and save it to another table when saving it delets the first table and saves me only the last one (i can still see the two tables in the window list)
but i can save only the last one what do you think i need to do tanks a lot.

this is the code:

SSpecummery_window = New Window(DataTableSpecMsg,
H List Box(
Text Box(" "),
Button Box("Save to Word",
Spec_box << Save MSWord("", Native);
Text Box( "\!t" ),

Button Box( "Close this Window", SSpecummery_window << CloseWindow )
Page Break Box(),
RequiermetMSG=Text Box( "Required: Sigma Q = 6 , Cpk > 1.33 " ),

Spec_box = TableBox(
StringColBox("Parameters", Parameters_list),
StringColBox("Normal Dist",NormalDist_list),
NumberColBox("% Beyond Limits", Limits_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Mean", P_Mean_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Std", Std_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Cp", Cp_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Cpk", Cpk_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Sigma Quality", Sigma_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Lower TI", LOWERTI_list,set format(10,2)),
NumberColBox("Upper TI", UPPERTI_list,set format(10,2)),
Text Box("\!N"),

close(specs)//closing the dt where i get the data lists

Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Strange, I tried your script and I was able to have it save multiple .doc files in the same folder. The only odd behavior is that when JMP opens the file save window it prefixes the to-be-saved file with a "\"

the saved file will look like this:
\untitled 1.doc

If I do it multiple times, the \ will cause the subsequent file to be saved in the folder above the previous version. example:
____\untitled 3.doc
__________\untitled 2.doc
________________\untitled 1.doc

The trick to have them all be saved in the same folder is to delete that "\".

Not sure if this is what you were encountering that made it look like the previous file was being deleted?
hi, thank for the help I appreciates it, this is not a problem since the user can change the file name. But if he tries to make the analysis more than once, therefore, different variables are inserted into the list. When he will try to save the file he can only save the last one and not both…