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Suppressing *JMP - Error Message* dialog alerts when running JSL scripts

I am trying to create a summary table for a table Population Details (pop_details) from JSL as shown below. In the pop_details table, I have a lot of rows where "County" is _blank_. Also the population colums for 2009 and prior are blank.
pop_stat = pop_details << Summary(
:Name( "State" ),:Name( "County" ),:Name( "City" )),
Mean( :Name( "Population_2010" ) ),
Mean( :Name( "Population_2009" ) ),
Mean( :Name( "Population_2008" ) ),
output table name( "City_Population_Stats" )

When I run the script above, I get the following error dialog, for every row that is blank. Error:One Column or By Group has no data, because all rows have missing values and or are excluded. Is there a parameter that I can set in JSL to prevent JMP from popping the error dialog boxes and just silenty add messages in the log window instead?

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