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Smooth survival curve

Hi all,

I am trying to do survival analysis on some data. Through few online tutorials I learnt to do it, however by default JMP gives a "chopped" or aliased survival curve, is there a way to get a smooth survival curve similar to logistic regression?



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Re: Smooth survival curve

Are you talking about the KM curve? That's the expected look of a KM curve, because it's a non-parametric model.

You could use a regression, and then plot the fitted on the mean if you wanted a smooth curve, but I have no idea how to do that in JMP.

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Re: Smooth survival curve

You can fit a distribution to your survival/failure data using the Life Distribution platform in JMP.  It will allow you to fit many parametric distributions to censored (or uncensored) data.  Distributions available include Lognormal, Weibull, Normal, Logistic, Exponential, among others.

Michael Crotty
Sr Statistical Writer
JMP Development