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Setting Control Limits

Hello JMP Community,

I am using JSL to generate many graphs and I am trying to get control limits to appear on each graph. The hard way to do it would be to generate the graphs then go through each one and manually input the limits and copy the code. I would like to avoid doing this if possible.

The data is split into two categories, "50" and "80". I have limits for each of these categories. Column A contains whether or not the data is 50 or 80 and column B contains the data. I saw online that you could assign limits to a column and they will appear on a control chart, but I need to assign different limits to column B based on the value of column A. I'm sure there are many other ways I could solve this problem as well.

I am graphing the data split by column A (50 vs 80) and also by a third column "style". The final product is a bunch of graphs of 50 style 1, 2, 3, etc and 80 style 1, 2, 3, etc. Would I be able to hard code the limits into the script by column A (50 vs 80) or can limits only be added to graphs one at a time?

Another idea i had was to make 2 new columns called UCL and LCL. These would have the limits set in them based on the value in column A, but how would I get this data to graph on a Levey Jennings plot with the rest of the data? Can I set the limits of a column equal to the value in another column?

I apologize if this is worded poorly. I can elaborate if anything doesn't make sense.

Thank you

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Re: Setting Control Limits

I found the answer to my own question. When you are graphing data by two different columns (in my case Cloumn A [50 vs 80] and column C [style 1, 2, 3, etc]) you can add a reference line to all the graphs of any of the groupings (i.e. all 50 graphs or all graphs of style 1). This is done using "SendToByGroup" and specifying the group you wish to add the reference lines to