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Saving contours from a Graph Box



I have a Graph Box which incorporates a set of contours that have been calculated from a rectangular matrix of spot heights (which correspond to the levels of darkness calculated from an imported image that is also displayed in the Graph Box - so I'm seeing both the image and the overlaid contours in the Graph Box, just like a weather chart.) I need to extract the X & Y coordinates of the vertices of all the contours that have been fitted to the matrix, and save them into a data table.


I can do this easily enough from a Contour Plot using the "<< Save Contours" property, but this doesn't appear to work for a Graph Box. Can it be done, or do I have to use a Contour Plot instead of a Graph Box? And if so, can I embed an imported image in a Contour Plot? I've tried the "<< Add Image(open(...), bounds(...))" syntax that works for a Graph Box, but to no avail.


Many thanks for any help with this.

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