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Repeated Measures MANOVA in JMP (sphericity and Den DF problem?)

Hello everyone!


I was wondering if there is a member here (with knowledge of repeated measures MANOVA analysis in JMP) who would be so kind to take a quick look at my data. 


I feel like I have done everything right, but I am not getting the sphericity test in the output, nor am I getting a different number in the Den DF columns for the different hypotheses checks - time, treatment and interaction (84 in all of them). My sample was 87.


All of the other Models I have seen in discussions and books show that the Den DF usually doubles for the interaction F-test.


I am worried this is affecting my interpretation and hoped someone could tell me if I am doing something wrong. I have attached my file with the MANOVA analysis saved to the data table. For the response specification I select Repeated Measures (Y Name = Time) and check Univariate tests also. I have interpreted the results as shown in the picture below.


I realize my results will likely still be insignificant, but wanted to get the interpretation right regardless. This is my first ever MANOVA and I am generally not the best statistician, I'm afraid. :)


Thanks so much in advance for any help.


Manova Interpretation.PNG

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