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RSM model ; Face centered CCD

Hi, I am trying to create a face centered CCD design with four factors and three levels each. The design I am trying to create needs to be composed of 6 axial points, six central points and the mid point between high and low levels. I am finding difficulty in creating the mid axial point. Which script to type for this model?
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Re: RSM model ; Face centered CCD

You do not need to script this task. It is part of the interactive user interface:


  1. Select DOE > Classical > Response Surface Design.
  2. Define your responses and factors.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select the 30-run CCD with 6 center points and click Continue.
  5. Select On Face and click Make Table.


See Help > Books > Design of Experiments Guide and chapter about Response Surface Designs for more details about this design platform.

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