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Jun 23, 2011

Preferences > Font > Reset to Defaults (scriptable?)

Hi, does anyone know if there is JSL to initiate "Reset to Defaults" located in Preferences in the Font group?

Something like: Set Preferences(....);

The reason being, in JMP 11.1.1, there is an odd behavior in that you cannot change the font (or at least I cannot) to say Arial for Check Boxes without first manually clicking "Reset to Defaults" one-time, then for some odd reason Set Preferences will begin to work (it then allows Arial).  Weird... On another note, if there was JSL code available to control the font type and font size of a Check Box() that would also work.  But I don't think that exists either?  I wish all Display Boxes would just use the same font commands (like <<set font size()).  Seems like some Display Boxes do while others don't.  DJ


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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Preferences > Font > Reset to Defaults (scriptable?)

hi djhanson​,

perhaps this post can help

it is about all the preferences and not just the font.