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Order x-axis by chronological work week

I run a weekly script that reports data on a rolling 8 week slice.  The x-axis is from column that shows work week (1..52).  Unfortunately, this data does not have year associated with it, so when the script rolls over into new year, the graph gets skewed.


Is there any way to set value ordering so that a '1' in the column comes after '52' in the column?


Re: Order x-axis by chronological work week

When I had a similar problem in a past position I would use one of two strategies (depending on the specifics of the situation).  First, I'd create a column with the year and then use that as a nesting variable. Second, I'd just use a column property with value ordering (setting the ww to be an ordinal variable) and then just turn it off after the 2016 data had rolled off the report.


Hope that helps!





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