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Opening multiple files from a sql server, splitting data and running control charts.



Since my last post I've had the method in which to access files changed to a server, I'm trying to connect to the server, pull off several different charts and display them in tables.  I then have to manually split the data according to the parameters and readings and then run a control chart builder on them.  What I'm looking for is a scirpt that will allow me to automatically pull off the files I need (the server contains a lot of databases of which only about 100 are useful to me).  All I have done at the moment is the following (as I said I am very new to jsl and my previous scripting is very limited).


New SQL Query(
"ODBC:DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=<removed>;UID=<removed>;PWD=<removed>;APP=Microsoft® Windows® Operating System;WSID=<removed>;"

Select( Column( "Parameter", "t1" ), Column( "Reading1", "t1" ) ),
From( Table( "xxx_xxxx", Schema( "dbo" ), Alias( "t1" ) ) );


Would be good to be able to take all the files I need from the database, create tables for each one and then using script split into Parameter and reading and finally create a control chart for each one....not too much to ask. haha. 


Thanks in anticipation. 

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