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Multiple Linked Partial Profilers

I have a fairly simple problem. I'd like to create two separate profiler plots of the same column and include some of the independent variables on one, and the rest on the other.

Why? Well, I have two kinds of parameters and I want the user to clearly see that they are different and setting them is different tasks in our workflow.


I used the BoxCox sample data to prototype it but I keep failing. I just fit a model, made a new column with that prediction formula, then made another column named "k" and just made another column that is a formula "k*Py". Now, when I make a profiler plot of the final formula and expand intermediate columns, I get the full profiler with all the original variables and "k". What I need is two profilers, one with only the original variables, and one with just "k". Here's my attempt at doing this in a dashboard side by side.partial-linked-profilers-attempt.PNG




As you can see I tried to hide k in the first plot and hide the rest in the second plot but I'm getting identical profilers on both sides. The profilers are linked perfectly and the functionality I'm looking for is 99% there, I just need some variables to show on one side and the other on the other side. What am I missing here? Any help would be welcome.

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Re: Multiple Linked Partial Profilers

It might be the linking that is causing the problem. Have you tried putting the show and hide the opposite way round for the two profilers? Does it then show all 5 variables? If you save as HTML5, it might be possible to edit them there to get the behaviour you want.


Please can you include your JSL as text using the Insert Script button or the modifed data table as an attachment.

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