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I have a 64-bit Windows XP machine with 8 processors and I'm using 64-bit JMP 8.1.

I watch Windows Task Manager (out of boredom) while JMP is performing long procedures. JMP NEVER uses more than one processor. Within Windows Task Manager, in the Processes tab, you can right-click on JMP.exe while it is running and select "Set Affinity". When I do this I note that JMP is allowed to execute on all 8 processors. But as I said, JMP never uses more than one processor at a time. I see that work moves from one processor to another, but never uses two simultaneously.

I'd sure like to use the power of my machine to speed up this work.

Does anyone know if JMP 8.1 64-bit has ANY multi-threading capability? And if so, how do I properly configure my software or computer to take advantage of it?



Jun 23, 2011

Re: Multi-Threading

The multi-threading support I know of:
- Distributions on multiple variables
- Some cluster and partition analyses
- Nonlinear solvers used by various analyses

For an example of the last, make a column of 1,000,000 random values, run Distribution on it and do a Beta fit. I see all 8 of my cores go to 100% in Task Manager.