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Looking for creative ideas on visualizations of Weather Balloon Data: GPS, Altitude, Temperature, Pressure, Time

This is what we did:

  • We want to estimate the latitude and longitude when the balloon goes above 40k ft and the GPS signal cuts out.  
  • We have all this data and are looking for suggestions on what to do with it and some cool visualizations we could make with the data.
  • In one visualization we'd like to map the true recorded flight path with the estimated flight path to fill in the missing values.
  • In a photo below one of the guys used Excel to product something pretty cool.  I'd like to outdo him in JMP.

Dear community, what do you suggest?  (And maybe hint to me the right functionality in JMP)

Notes about the data

  • The missing data is marked as such in the last two columns.  In the raw data, columns Latitude & Longitude, you'll notice that those two columns stay frozen as does the Satelite Altitude.   You'll also see the Number of Satellites goes to zero (I'm just noticing that now myself).
  • The data is bookended by us setting up in the beginning and it stuck in a tree at the end.  Then at the very end it's recording while we've recovered it from a 50ft tree and maybe have the Styrofoam payload cracked open. We think that's why temperature goes up.
  • The temperature is internal to the payload which was insulated and included hand warmers.  At that altitude temperatures would be around -60 C.




Thank You, Bob Swidarski


(not a final product but you can see where this is going)




7/13/2019 CABLE High Altitude Balloon Launch Video All music associated with this is free and not copyrighted.
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