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LCA:Correlation of LCA profile with external variables

Hello everyone,

I calculated a Latent Class Analysis with my data set, and a three class solution fitted the data best. Now I have to examine wether this three found latent classes differ significantly regarding their correlation with external variables (e.g. age..).


Therefore I saved the mixture and cluster formula and then pressed "analyse" "market research" and "categorial".

I will attach my results...


My questions are:

1)How can I interprete the findings?

2)Regarding which of the variables differ the latent classes signficantly?

3) And how do I know in which of the three classes f.e. the age is significantly lower/ the highest etc.?

4) And where can I find test statistical data such as effect strength etc.?


I would be really greatful for your help! Thank you

Best regards

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Re: LCA:Correlation of LCA profile with external variables

I now found the option "specify comparison groups" (see screenshot) --- is that the solution?


I still don´t know how to interprete which cluster differ significantly regarding the variables... were no significant differences found at all?



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