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JMP Rookie, Need Help

Hello all! I hope all is well, I am new to JMP and I was wondering if doing a problem like this in JMP is possible. My professor said the best way to learn the software is to experiment and play with it. 4 hrs later, I still have not been able to get the correct answer and I cannot find a video or other web source out there to help with this problem, any help or suggestions would be appreciated! And to be clear, not asking you all to do the problem for me, but I am curious about the process to go about solving for a problem like this! Thanks!


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Re: JMP Rookie, Need Help

First step is to get the data set up properly. Statistical software expects each variable to be a column, each observation is a row. You have two variables here: Weekday/Weekend and Type of Gasoline. So your JMP table should have those two columns. You will want a third column (I will call it Count) that contains the number of observations for each of these combinations. This will allow you to have a table with only 6 rows (each combination of Weekday/Weekend and Type of Gasoline) instead of 845 rows. From there, look in the Basic Analysis book under Help > Books. Look at the Contingency Analysis section. When you do launch the analysis, be sure to put that Count column in the dialog box as a Frequency.

Dan Obermiller
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