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JMP Interactive HTML Examples



May 30, 2014

We updated our JMP Interactive HTML Examples and this post for the release of JMP 13 at JMP Discovery Summit.

Interactive HTML is all about sharing, so we decided to share a few examples of interactive HTML reports with JMP Discovery Summit attendees next week. Here are a few screenshots, but if you want to interact with these examples, please keep reading.




You don't need JMP® to interact with these reports. You don't even need a computer! All you need is a modern browser running on a mobile device (or desktop computer).

If you installed the JMP® Discovery Summit App, you can find this link to our examples in the "Links" section:


What's that? You can't make it to Discovery? No problem, we're sharing the link with the whole JMP® Community!

They're at:  JMP HTML5 Examples

Each report was created using Export | Save As: Interactive HTML with Data.

For JMP 12, We used the HTML5 Auto-Publishing​ add-in to organize some of our examples. For JMP 13, we published our examples using the built in Web Report Generator.

To learn more about additions to the Interactive HTML support in JMP 13 read JMP 13 Preview: Interactive HTML comes to Graph Builder - JMP Blog and stayed tuned to the blog for more details.

Enjoy playing with our examples!


Community Manager


Aug 8, 2012

Hi John,

Very nice!  I enjoyed trying these examples on my iPad and iPhone.   Check out Napoleon's March with the new JMP12 bubble plot or the airline data with trailing lines. Additional options to split by country is fantastic.

I encourage others to check out the profiler examples as well.

Thanks for sharing these.




Jul 26, 2013

I will echo Stan's comment. The interactive HTML development team has done some amazing work for JMP 12 to get two of the most useful tools in JMP for communicating findings with others into interactive HTML reports. Thanks for putting together all of these great examples as well.

Check out the JMP blog: