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JMP Calculator

In JMP we can do calculation using the JMP calculator.
The parameters in the formula are the columns table, attached is a simple formula subtracting y column from x column with LAG,
What I want to know is if there is a way to use different lag for different rows.
((Lag( x, 2 ) - :y) / Lag( x, 2 )) * 100

Thank you
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Re: JMP Calculator

Yes, replace the "2" in the Lag function with some expression that depends on Row(). For instance,

Lag( x, If( Row() < 10, 2, 3 ))

That uses a lag of 2 for the first 9 rows and 3 for the others.
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Re: JMP Calculator


WOW, very helpful.

I assume it is possible to put the "If" outside the formula and the "Lag" inside.
Also, I assume it is possible to make it more complex,for example many different lags for many different rows.

Thank you very much.

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