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Re: JMP 14 Python abilities - working? I'm confused

We were able replicate on a development machine, the sudden exit of JMP when trying to load Python 3.7.  It turns out we (JMP) are not alone in having problems with Python 3.7, and Python 3.8 especially in an embedded case.  The error we got from Python is:


Fatal Python error: unable to load the file system codec

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFE84F9B64E (ucrtbase.dll) in Jmp.exe: Fatal program exit requested.


The solution at present, is to either use Python 3.6.5 or newer 3.6.x, or you have to install Python 3.7.x on Windows as an install for all users, not just you the local user AND you MUST choose the option to put the Python in your PATH.  This directly contradicts Anaconda3's install dialog, warning about not putting it in the path.  


My development machine works fine with 3.7.1 installed as a system wide install and is the default Python on the Path.  My co-worker's machine where we were able to replicate the sudden abort of JMP, we installed Python 3.7.1 using the default install options which made a local install not on the path.  We were able to keep JMP from exiting by setting the environment variable PYTHONHOME= 'the anaconda3 directory'  But even here we couldn't get it to load numpy, scipi, pandas, or sqlite3, even from a console prompt.   Where on my machine all works as expected.