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JMP 12 interface slow, especially with new 4k monitor

I am using JMP 12 at my work, and the interface has always been a little laggy.  Recently I've upgraded to a new 4k monitor, and everything scales well and works well except that JMP is now very slow.  This includes scrolling through open Data Tables, scrolling through UI elements, and in general anything JMP's native UI engine. 


I've seen the post about graphics hardware acceleration for JMP 13, but I've not been able to find any such setting for JMP 12.  Does anyone have experience with JMP 12 on a 4k monitor / how to get rid of the UI lag?



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Re: JMP 12 interface slow, especially with new 4k monitor

I can confirm the lag also.  The only time I use a 4K monitor is when I am running under a virtual machine and I've always assumed it was related to the VM environment, but turning on the hardware acceleration eliminates the lag (I notice it most scrolling through scripts).  On versions 13 and 14 the option is under the 'Windows Specific' preferences.  I couldn't find it on version 12.

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